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The Lycan King, Aluxious had been a captive of Vampires for months. His only hope for escape is the naive and young Vampire Princess, Reyna. He'd do anything to get out of the hell hole, even if it is to break the heart of the unsuspecting Vampiress.

With their races once again at the brink of the war, Reyna must decide where her loyalty lies. Little does she knows, her decision could end the war or start another one that'd wipe their races off the earth.

Weekly updates: Saturday or Sunday.

Chapter – 1

That sound stood different from the round of cheers and hollers. A feminine sob caught his attention, causing him to snap his gaze toward his left.


The silver-edged spikes of the whip connected with his skin on the back, peeling away a chunk of flesh as it left. A hiss of pain slipped out of his lips as a sharp pain shot in alarm.

He heard it again. Muffled and choked out. Another sob. His bloody gaze swept around the crowd, searching for the source. He could only smell the Vampires. Interesting.

The whip connected again. This time, he purposefully made a noise of pain. Loud cheers erupted from the crowd and it was all he could do not to roll his eyes. While it hurt like hell he never gave them a satisfaction by making a sound before.

As expected, the sound came again in a form of a strangled cry and his blazing Amber gaze connected with deep topaz blues. Aluxious sucked in a sharp breath when the whip cracked again.

Tears trickled down her cheek as someone tried to pull her away. His nostrils flared, trying to separate her scent from the others. A vampire, he was sure. But young and naive. That would work.

The lycan masked the wisp of a smile and looked away. He could work with that sympathy. If he played his cards right then that would buy his freedom.

Hope bloomed within as his gaze flicked to her again.

He roared when the whip connected for the seventh time that night. Not that his scream would lessen their blows. It would warrant more. They always beat him bloody and raw, until he could no longer stand. But he needed her attention. Tonight, things were different.

Killian's face twisted as he laughed out. Oh, how much he'd love to dove his claws into his chest. He'd take his time killing him. In fact, he'd kill them all given a chance. They'd kept him weak by injecting a lethal concoction of wolfsbane, nightlock and a few other herbs that was only found in Barrmount Hills.

Aluxious closed his eyes, focusing on the pain as his beast, bristled its fur. Weak. But still battle ready. His body coiled with tension as the whipping continued. Hatred and fury deepened in his heart, turning it darker.

It was the need for his vengeance that kept him alive. They expected him to give up, but he didn't. He wouldn't. An alpha never gives up. He was born into a long line of pureblood Lycanthropes. Defeat wasn't something they accepted easily. As long as he breathed he would fight with every fiber of strength in his cells.

The body wasn't strong anymore. It couldn't keep up with his mind. They'd planned his torture in a way they only allowed time for his skin to heal itself, only to cut him open as he bled. Night after night they brought him out to the throne room as they took turns, whipping him. Sometimes when they didn't get the satisfaction of his cries, they resorted to other torture techniques.

It was working. His beast was cracking. Little by little. He was giving into the madness of their primal nature as time went on. Only they hadn't realized it yet. Aluxious clenched his jaws as his body swayed. His eyes closed, not wanting to see the satisfaction in their eyes as they admired their handy work.

They'd pay. They'd all pay with blood and their lives. When he escaped, he'd bring death and destruction right to their doorstep. There won't be any escaping then. He'd spare none.

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