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A Vampire romance in which the most feared Vampire Kings Thorin and Neculai find love with humans, who are the reincarnations of their lost love.


Katherine Wilcox's life takes a nosedive when she embarks on a family trip supposed to bring their estranged family together. She soon finds herself in the castle of vampires, betrothed to their Prince with no means to escape and she realizes that she is nothing more than a pawn in the centuries-old cold war between the brothers, who fell in love with the same woman. 

As the dark and dirty secrets of the past unveil itself, it’s up to Katherine to figure a way out or to succumb to their scheme.


Tina Turner sets out to rescue her best friend Katherine, only to get caught in the same vampire web her friend is in. An accidental mark binds her to the dangerous Vampire King Neculai, who hates humans. Was a bite enough to make them fall in love? The events in this book will pick up from the events of the first book ending.

Just as things begin to fall in place, their peace is threatened when the secret society of vampire hunters and assassins emerge once again, stronger than ever. Now, the vampire council must do something before all hell break lose.

A sizzling Lycan Romance , where the crown prince Lucian Armand Orzak will fight to hell and beyond to save his mate and his kingdom from the evil forces.


Prince Lucian Armand Orszak–the only heir to the Lycan throne is on the run with his guardian Dimitri Van Speybroeck. Lucian is forced to leave the place and the people he has known his entire life at five. When his guardian is attacked and left immobile, Lucian finds himself on the streets.

Now living alone, rummaging through the garbage bins for food, he witnesses a young girl being attacked and saves her risking his life. He is taken in by her kind family, but everything changes when he hits puberty. He does not understand the change he is going through or the unheard beasts attacking him out of the blue.

What happens now with his enemies closing in on him and his feelings towards his childhood friend have changed to something different?


The Lost Qistina


Abram Maximus Steller was born as a human but was bitten and changed into a Lycan at twelve. Now, at nineteen years old, he goes to college with no big dreams as he knew his future will be next to Lucian as his trustworthy Royal Beta when he took over the throne from his Uncle Dominick.

Serenity Annika Dunlap is a transfer student who is always silent and minds her own business. Abram’s beast is strangely attracted to this exotic beauty with caramel eyes and worst of all she already has an abusive boyfriend possessive of her.
His need to claim her increasing day by day and a beast is rattling within him to make her his. What happens when Abram fails the internal fight with his beast? 

Will Serenity accept his love for her? What happens when they learn that the peace in the supernatural realm is just a silence that prevails before the storm? 

An evil, no one knew about is lurking in the shadows planning Lucian and Alexandra’s downfall. What will Abram do when his sister’s life is threatened once again?


Witch Guinevere is back and she has taken something so precious from the Lycan King Lucian Armand Orszak. He must retrieve his love before everything is lost.

In this world, power is everything. The strong and most powerful of all will survive and the weak will perish. Sometimes the supernaturals are driven by their greed in search of more power and waged wars with the fellow supernaturals resulting in chaos.

A prophecy was told–it stated that a Qistina will arise to serve justice for the blood of the innocent. A few years later, a being more powerful than any supernatural was born and when her powers were awakened, she almost destroyed the entire world unable to control it. The war came to an end with the remaining supernaturals going into hiding.

No one knew what happened to her. Some said she vanished into thin air and some claim that her powers became too much and she exploded ending up as stars in the sky.

Find out what happened to her?

The most powerful beings on earth will collide. The very existence of humans will be challenged. Chaos and war. Will there be peace?

This is Nate’s story.


The Lycan King, Aluxious had been a captive of Vampires for months. His only hope for escape is the naive and young Vampire Princess, Reyna. He'd do anything to get out of the hell hole, even if it is to break the heart of the unsuspecting Vampiress.

With their races once again at the brink of the war, Reyna must decide where her loyalty lies. Little does she knows, her decision could end the war or start another one that'd wipe their races off the earth.