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Randolph Duology

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The Hybrid Queen

In a land where dark forces have prevailed in the greatest of wars, a new battle is brewing up to be the most catastrophic yet.

The Vampire King is on a rampage in search of his escaped prisoner from years ago. The people of the fae kingdom Greenwood wish to protect their land from any forthcoming attacks. On the other end, the Lycan army is on the move in hopes of forming great alliances across the kingdom.

Mia, the last descendant of a special bloodline possessing genes of both vampires and witches, is thrust into a centuries-old war to bridge the two species together. In part, because she's torn between the dark allure of the Vampire King and her mate, the King of the Lycans.

The second book of the Randolph Duology catapults you on a mystical journey of war, triumph, and, above all, true love. (76).png
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