The Lycan Trilogy Two


Abram Maximus Steller was born as a human but was bitten and changed into a Lycan at twelve. Now, at nineteen years old, he goes to college with no big dreams as he knew his future will be next to Lucian as his trustworthy Royal Beta when he took over the throne from his Uncle Dominick.

Serenity Annika Dunlap is a transfer student who is always silent and minds her own business. Abram’s beast is strangely attracted to this exotic beauty with caramel eyes and worst of all she already has an abusive boyfriend possessive of her.
His need to claim her increasing day by day and a beast is rattling within him to make her his. What happens when Abram fails the internal fight with his beast? 

Will Serenity accept his love for her? What happens when they learn that the peace in the supernatural realm is just a silence that prevails before the storm? 

An evil, no one knew about is lurking in the shadows planning Lucian and Alexandra’s downfall. What will Abram do when his sister’s life is threatened once again?